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Welcome to Get Sport Psych_Ed, where our mission is to educate athletes, coaches, and trainers on the basics of Sport Psychology. As a Sport Psychology Consultant, my goal is to help those in sports improve the effectiveness of their coaching, training and peak performance preparation. Through the application of proven performance enhancing mental training those in sports can enjoy improved results.

This website serves as an extension of my services as an experienced and successful Sport Psychology Consultant and Motivational Speaker. My services have effectively helped amateurs, weekend worriors, & fitness/diet minded individuals, as well as serious high school & college/professional/olympic athletes & coaches. The application of Sport Psychology Education through progressive relaxation, target breathing, and mental training will have a positive impact on the results you strive to achieve.

For years, athletes have spent the greater part of their resources (time, energy, effort) on preparing their bodies ONLY...this is simply the wrong way to prepare for anything. As we all know, the body does what the mind dictates. Thus, if the mind is not prepared for competition or a performance opportunity, then the body simply does what the mind is capable of dictating in that moment or event. This is problematic for competitors who must have the right mindset for every given sport situation. The clarity and accuracy of mental control over the body ALWAYS dictates the body's ability to perform in both practice and competition. Therefore, one MUST train the mind (while in a relaxed and clear state) to do what is necessary while under the pressure/durress of competition.

This is the most proven way to find your FLOW during sports performances.

If you have a goal in sports, but have yet to achieve it, then the application of these, scientifically proven, training techniques will only help you to achieve your desired results. Of course, like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it! So why not invest in mental training and learn to put the right information into your mind in order to do the right thing at the right time.

I am so thoroughly convinced that you will find my services, as many others have already experienced, to be very helpful to you in achieving your goals that I will not charge for our first consultation. If, after the initial consultation, you find my services to be helpful to you, then you will only pay 50% for the initial consultation and full price thereafter. This way you have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain!

It is my hope that I can help you perform at your best at the time when you need to the most. There are so many factors working against athletes in today's world, it is about time that more of them tapped into the GOLDMINE of what the MIND can do when it is fully prepared to WIN!

As one of the world's leading Sport Psychologists, Earnest (Tsin Minh) Hung, once told me, "the body will do what the mind allows." I believe that we should keep this in mind....literally!

Watch you win,

Rob Nichols

What is Sport Psychology?

Sport psychology involves preparing the mind of an athlete, just as thoroughly as one prepares the body. Sport psychology is an emerging field in the worlds of psychology and athletics. For many elite-level, professional, recreational, and even youth athletes, successful performances, cannot simply be reduced to superier physical performance.

Instead, performance in any endeavor, is largely contingent upon mental preparation and psychological strength. Just as you prepared for competition by practicing physical skill as well as increasing your strength and endurance, you must also prepare yourself mentally. This includes setting clear, short-term goals, entertaining positive thoughts, using self affirmations, imagery, negative thought stopping, etc.

Thanks to the extensive coverage of athletic events now-a-days, the sports enthusiast can understand the need for and beneifits of sport psychology. Examples of mental traning surround us - for instance skiers, divers , and gymnasts imaging their routines or tricks before they perform; Nancy Kerrigan’s successful use of sport psych pinciples after she was maliciously attacked so close to the 1994 Olympics; golfers and biathletes using relaxation techniques to slow their heart rates and breathing thereby allowing for better accuracy in their shots; and basketball player using a combination of goal setting and imagery to improve their free throw percentages. The principles of sport psychology are helping athletes succeed in many ways.

(from Sandy Dupcak’s internet website, The Mental Edge)

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